Most watched video: Tears as Pike River Mine victims' family members enter mine for the very first time, with Andrew Little

Note: This story was first published on Thursday April 19

The group of relatives of deceased miners were allowed 30 metres into the mine along with the Pike River Re-Entry Minister. Source: 1 NEWS

Source: 1 NEWS

There were emotional scenes at the Pike River Mine on the West Coast as Pike River Re-Entry Minister Andrew Little and family members of those who died in the 2010 disaster entered the portal for the first time since the deadly explosion.

Anna Osborne and Sonya Rockhouse, who lost their husband and son respectively, were in tears as they went into the mine.

The Pike River Re-Entry Minister spoke to relatives before they together entered the portal of the mine for the first time. Source: 1 NEWS

They were allowed about 30 metres in. After that it is sealed in concrete.

They said it felt like a big step forward and being so close to where there men died was extremely emotional.

The families were accompanied by Minister Andrew Little, who said this was just the "first step" in getting the miners home. Source: 1 NEWS

Touching the walls inside the mine, Ms Osborne and Ms Rockhouse said it felt like the walls were moving. Both were crying as they hugged Mr Little after the visit.

Mr Little said he wanted to see inside the mine for himself and felt completely safe going inside. He denied it was a political stunt.

Andrew Little hugs Anna Osborne and Sonya Rockhouse after spending about 15 minutes inside the entrance to Pike River mine.
Andrew Little hugs Anna Osborne and Sonya Rockhouse after spending about 15 minutes inside the entrance to Pike River mine. Source: 1 NEWS

"This is about knowing that you as the families can be sure that everything that can be done has been done to recover the remains of your loved ones, and if not to do that, at least get a better understanding of what might have happened," Mr Little said as he addressed relatives today.

"We know too there are some families who are not so keen on this project going ahead, they want their loved ones to lie where they have fallen and I get that.

"We don't want to trample on anybody's mana, any family's honour. We want to do this the right way." 

Video: Frustrated Auckland commuters resort to dangerous wrong side of road driving to evade gridlock

Exasperated Auckland commuters have been caught blatantly flouting the road laws, overtaking on a huge gridlocked road by driving on the wrong side of the street against oncoming traffic.

Footage of six cars overtaking the traffic jam on the double yellow lined Triangle Rd, Massey, in Auckland's west, was on Monday posted to the Facebook group "Shocking Auckland Drivers".

Several of the cars travel hundreds of metres on the wrong side of the street, swerving into the opposite parking lane to avoid oncoming traffic.

One white car is particularly casual about the maneuver, traveling fast to get over a bridge in the middle of the section of Triangle Rd and nearly missing an oncoming black car.

Responses to the video on Facebook have been varied, with many calling for more police surveillance and censuring the irresponsible driving, but others are sympathetic.

"Regular occurrence on triangle road Massey. Cops don't even want to know," the person who posted the video captioned with it.

"The bit that gets me, is they race up the top, then turn left, onto the motorway, at the lights, cheating the queue and pushing in and nearly causing accidents...." another wrote.

"Oh my god!!! Outrageous... what’s the point of having any road rules when they are regularly flouted?" one commenter said.

Many of the comments however pointed out how the road should be double lane.

"They should have made a wider bridge and 2 lanes here when they did the bike lane a few years ago... future development fail!," one person commented to the approval of several other Facebook users.


Sorry Aussie, you can't claim this one! Air NZ ranked Australia's No. 1 rated company in wide-ranging survey

For the second consecutive year, proudly Kiwi airline Air New Zealand has been recognised as Australia’s most reputable company in the Reputation Institute’s annual Australia Corporate Reputation Index.

In ranking first, Air New Zealand has trumped homegrown carriers Qantas and Virgin Australia which indexed third and fourth respectively, as well as other major corporates such as Toyota, Apple and Nestle.

Air New Zealand General Manager Australia Kathryn Robertson says the Kiwi carrier is determined to be Australia’s airline of choice and this honour reflects the hard work of the 12,000 Air New Zealanders around the world dedicated to enhancing all aspects of its customers’ experience.

“From our artificial intelligence powered chat bot Oscar, who helps thousands of Australian customers get answers to their questions, through to our $100 million lounge investment programme which has transformed customer spaces in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Air New Zealand is focused on offering Australians a better way to fly across the Tasman and beyond.

“Clearly, Australians have embraced our warm service, innovative products and our distinctive brand, as brought to life here in Australia through our award-winning Bryan Brown voiced Dave the Goose marketing campaign. We’re thrilled to continue to be held in such high regard.”

Earlier this month Air New Zealand announced an enhanced Tasman schedule after announcing that it will end its seven-year alliance with Virgin Australia later this year. From the end of October, Air New Zealand will offer 15% more seats across the Tasman year on year, including two new routes (Brisbane-Wellington and Brisbane-Queenstown) from December.

The price difference is down to a lack of competition in NZ according to Moneyhub.
Source: 1 NEWS