Most watched video: Do you know the identity of Waikato's most wanted undie thief?

Note: This story was first published on Wednesday April 25

CCTV footage has captured the moment a man stole underwear from a washing line in Waikato.

Waikato Police posted footage of the incident to Facebook yesterday (Tuesday) in the hopes a member of the public can identify the alleged undie thief.

"Would be awesome to get to him before he does this to someone else," the post reads.

The footage, recorded on April 6, shows a bearded man wearing what appears to be women's shoes approaching a clothesline with a torch.

The man can be seen perusing the items before grabbing the offending garment.

He carefully stashes the delicates in a bag, giving the camera one last glance before walking away.

The man is also wanted in relation to the burglary of a car, police say.

Generous Kiwis chip in to raise over $150k for 'amazing' Auckland girl's life-changing surgery to help her walk unaided for the first time

On her fifth birthday Ella Yearbury will have potentially life-changing surgery in the US which may enable her to walk and stand unaided for the first time.

Ella Yearbury.
Ella Yearbury. Source: 1 NEWS

The only problem is Ella's family doesn't have the money needed to bring Ella home from the US to rehabilitate.

Born at 25 weeks, Ella suffered a severe brain bleed at just three days old and now suffers with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and epilepsy.

Ella Yearbury.
Ella Yearbury. Source: 1 NEWS

Throughout her short life, the South Auckland toddler has endured 18 surgeries.

"She's amazing actually," her mum Kat Yearbury told 1NEWS NOW.

"Straight from her early days in NICU she was always a cheeky strong little fighter and very independent, even trying to pull tubes and things out of her nose when only a few weeks old."

For the past couple of years Ella's mum has tirelessly fundraised for her daughter's operation, a selective dorsal rhizotomy.

"It's been a little over a year that we set off on this journey with the big goal of raising $150,000," she says.

"We ran movie fundraisers, quiz nights we sold chocolate."

One attempt saw them break a Guinness World Record when nearly 1000 people dressed as fairies turned out to help fundraise for the surgery.

Sport stars such as Joseph Parker and Liam Malone have also put their names behind the cause.

Ella Yearbury.
Ella Yearbury. Source: Supplied

Ella's surgery will take place on the May 3 in St Louis Children's Hospital.

"We don't really know what it's going to do for Ella.

"We've been given expectations, but we've sat and weighed it up enough that we know that this is an opportunity for her to have a better life."

The Yearbury family has raised $150,000 for the surgery, but due to Ella's medical conditions and sponsorship falling through, a further $90,000 is needed for her travel.

"I felt like I failed on Sunday when I realised that our sponsorship from an airline that we were hoping for was not going to happen and we were meant to be going in 10 days.

"I didn't know if whether we were just going to park the whole thing or at that time I couldn't even think of another idea to fundraise."

Air Ambulance New Zealand is giving the family two paediatric intensive care specialists to fly with the family.

Family and friends have rallied to help cover the costs, but Ms Yearbury is hoping the public who have been a large support for the family can once again help out and raise the money needed for Ella to come home and rehabilitate.

"I question it a lot that I’m making the right decision for her.

"No one has said stop and I'm not giving up anytime soon anyway."

Ella flies to Missouri on Thursday for her surgery.

If you want to help Ella, go to her website to learn more on how you can donate.

If successful Ella Yearbury will be able to walk and stand unaided for the first time. Source: Breakfast


West Coast teen's binge drinking death 'senseless' and a 'sad illustration of the prevalent drinking culture' - coroner

A coroner has described the death of a 17-year-old after binge drinking as senseless and a sad illustration of New Zealand's drinking culture.

Mitchell David Heward, a farm hand at Hari Hari on the West Coast, died at Lake Kaniere in February 2016, where he'd gone with a group of friends.

Coroner Anna Tutton found the cause of death was aspiration of vomit in the context of profound, severe alcohol intoxication.

"Mitchell's death was the tragic consequence of excessive alcohol consumption by a young person, in a group in which pressure to drink was applied," Ms Tutton said in her findings released today. 

"His death was senseless, and a sad illustration of the prevalent drinking culture, she said.

"It is critical that young drinkers, particularly, appreciate the seriousness of the dangers of binge drinking, and to know what to do if someone becomes unresponsive after drinking."

The coroner said Mitchell went to Lake Kaniere with a group of friends aged between 14 and 18, intending to camp there overnight.

Members of the group took and drank a significant amount of alcohol.

Mitchell drank beer, vodka and Midori. He lost consciousness, could not be revived, and died at the lake.

He was found to have 349mg/100ml of alcohol in his system, which is almost seven times over the legal blood alcohol limit for a New Zealand driver aged over 20.

Two members of the group, one who had turned 18 days before and the other 21, were jointly charged with supplying alcohol to Mitchell who was under 18.

The  21-year-old pleaded guilty and was discharged without conviction, while the other was found not guilty.

Source: 1 NEWS