Most read: Teen cyclist killed in Auckland hit and run was big brother to three siblings, leaves 'huge hole in our family', say grieving loved ones

Note: This story was first published on Monday May 21

Nathan Kraatskow.
Nathan Kraatskow. Source: New Zealand Police

The family of a teenage cyclist who died following a hit and run crash on Auckland's North Shore on Friday night say there are no words to describe how much he will be missed.

Police have this afternoon named him as 15-year-old Nathan Kraatskow, saying their deepest sympathies go out to his family at this time.

Police were called to the scene of the crash on the Oteha Valley Road offramp in Albany just before 11pm on Friday. Nathan died at the scene.

Police said the driver of the car left the area without stopping, but he came forward on Saturday afternoon and has been speaking with police.

"This is an extremely difficult time for our family and there are no words to describe how much Nathan will be missed," the family said in a statement.

Nathan was sporty and caring and a loving big brother to three younger siblings, they said.

"He will leave a huge hole in our family and we know he will watch over us as our guardian angel."

He was also a great, loyal friend to many, the family said.

Nathan was a Year 11 student at Vanguard Military School and had previously spent two years at Rangitoto College, they said.

"We want to thank everyone who has offered their support during this time and we ask that media please respect our privacy," the statement concluded.

Most watched video: Truckie's dashcam captures horrifying near misses on Kiwi roads

Note: THis story was first published on Monday May 21

A Northland truck driver has made a compilation video of dashcam footage that showcases some terrifying near misses on New Zealand's roads.

The driver posted the video to Facebook on Friday where it has since had nearly 300,000 views.

Clocking in at over four minutes, the compilation features a wealth of dangerous driving witnessed by the truck driver on a daily basis as he goes about his job.

One shocking incident sees a white station wagon narrowly avoiding an oncoming vehicle as it overtakes the truck, causing the oncoming car to flash its lights in warning.

Another shows a grey Mazda wagon barely making it in front of the truck as a passing lane finishes, braking sharply to avoid traffic in front.

According to statistics from the New Zealand Transport Agency there have already been 154 deaths on NZ roads this year, up from 141 at the same time last year. 



Meet Kōmaru, New Zealand's gift to Japan - 'A symbol of the enduring relationship between our two countries'

New Zealand is gifting Kōmaru, a 10-year-old white horse, to Japan to carry on a 54-year-old tradition.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said Kōmaru would be given to the Toshogu Shrine later this year, after previous horse Kōtuku died in 2017. 

"He is a gift of friendship from the people of New Zealand to the people of Japan and a symbol of the enduring relationship between our two countries," Mr Peters said in a statement. 

"Kōmaru in the Maori language means 'sheltered'. Our hope is that Kōmaru will enjoy a long and protected life as a sacred member of the Toshogu Shrine."

A spokesperson for Mr Peters told 1 NEWS Kōmaru was born in Clevedon near Auckland, "and has most recently been living in the Hawke's Bay".

"He has been a competitive dressage horse, and also loves jumping."

New Zealand first gave Japan a white horse after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and Kōmaru is the fifth horse to be gifted. 

The statement said the shrine where Kōmaru will live was created by Tokugawa Shoguns, who ruled for 250 years in Japan until 1868, and is the resting place of the Tokugawa Shogunate founder.

"It is a World Heritage site and receives almost two million visitors each year," the statement read. 

Kōmaru is to live his life in a spacious stable, and will be seen by thousands each day. 

Shinto Shrine White Horse, (This image has been modified), Rosser Road, Bridge Pa, Hawkes Bay, Wednesday, May 09, 2018. Credit: KAMPIC / Sarah Lord - Supplied
Kōmaru. Source: KAMPIC / Sarah Lord