Most read story: 'Not if but when' - Alpine Fault preparations continue for when the big one hits South Island

Note: This story was first published on Thursday May 17

Project AF8 - the South Island-wide efforts towards preparing for a powerful earthquake along the Alpine Fault - has released a series of new videos as it marks two years of preparation.

The project has now also completed its draft South Island Alpine Fault Earthquake Response (SAFER) framework, which puts into place procedures for when the enormous fault ruptures.

According to AF8 steering group chair Angus McKay, carbon dating shows the Alpine Fault last ruptured around 1717, and it was expected to rupture about every 300 years - meaning it is now due.

When it does rupture, the earthquake is expected to be magnitude 8 or above, which is likely to affect almost all of the South Island badly.

"Some of New Zealand's best scientific minds from universities, Crown Research Institutes and GNS Science have worked together to produce a credible scenario for what will happen with the next major earthquake on the Alpine Fault," Mr McKay said.

"We have used that scenario to work with our partners to identify the foreseeable impacts on communities and critical infrastructure across the South Island."

The videos give first-hand accounts of the impacts of the Canterbury Earthquakes, as well as insight into how Civil Defence actually responds to - or plans to respond to - such large events.

One of the major pushes from the group is for people to be prepared themselves, including keeping up-to-date emergency kits, having plans in place, and designing their homes and businesses to be resilient.

Finalised frameworks for the response to such an event will begin being implemented from July 1, and the framework will also be posted at


Watch: TVNZ reporter's 'a little bit awkward' mock rescue during Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust's annual appeal

TVNZ1 Breakfast reporter Emily van Velthooven has been winched up by one of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust's team to highlight the vital work they do during their annual appeal month.

The Breakfast reporter staged a mock rescue with Rusty, one of the team from Westpac Rescue Helicopter, in a harness.

After quizzing Rusty about the techniques and equipment he uses on rescues, van Velthooven said: "Well, Rusty and I are going to hang out for a while."

"But in all seriousness, it's a great appeal, these guys are absolutely crucial in the medical field and if you'd like to donate you can text your postcode to 2449 to donate $3," she continued as she spun around awkwardly.

Van Velthooven's cross had her Breakfast colleagues back in the Auckland studio muffling laughter while congratulating her.

"I'm sorry, but honestly Emily, well done, holding your composure there amongst that interview," Hayley Holt said.

"It looks a little bit awkward," she concluded.

"It looks like you're having a lot of fun there," Jack Tame quipped as a sign off. 

Breakfast’s Emily van Velthooven was winched up by one of the team to highlight the vital work they do. Source: 1 NEWS


Royal wedding, Israel Folau and Budget 2018 - Labour's Willow-Jean Prime and National's Chris Penk discuss the issues

1 NEWS NOW's Anna Whyte sat down with National MP Chris Penk and Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime yesterday, to ask their views on implementing compulsory Te Reo Maori, presents for the Royal wedding and what they think their best personal achievements were in parliament this year. 

Here are the questions:

-          What are your expectations for the Budget, and why is the Budget important?

-          Who do you think will take out the US Democratic leadership for the 2020 election? 

-          Should Israel Folau be stood down from Australian rugby for his ongoing social media comments?

-          If you were tasked with buying a present for the royal wedding, apart from a donation, what would you get Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

-          Should it be compulsory for animal welfare groups to rehome lab-tested animals, instead of euthanizing?

-          What do you think needs to be done to create enough teachers for compulsory Te Reo Maori in school?

-          And so far this year, what do you think has been your best personal achievement in parliament? 

1 NEWS NOW sat down with the MPs ahead of the Budget release. Source: 1 NEWS