Most read story: Man and heavily-pregnant woman involved in accident after collision with stag in Dunedin

Note: This story was first published on Saturday May 26

The couple's Toyota Carolla was written off following the incident. Source: Facebook / Tommy-lee Winder

A man and his heavily-pregnant partner have been hit by a stag while driving home in Dunedin.

Tommy-lee Winder and his partner, Anna Whitmore, were driving along State Highway 1, north of Dunedin, on Wednesday at 10.30pm when the incident occurred, the Otago Daily Times reports.

Ms Whitmore was driving when the stag "appeared out of nowhere" from the side of the road before stepping in front of the couple's Toyota Corolla near Hawksbury, Mr Winder said.

Mr Winder said he was looking behind him "when I heard my partner scream at the top of her lungs".

"I looked forward and saw the deer for a split second and my partner put the brakes on, but we hit it instantly," he said.

"I had to grab the steering wheel to steer us to the side of the road as she was braking."

The couple's car was written off and the stag, who suffered two broken legs, was euthanised by a vet soon after the incident.