Most read story: How to feed a family for around $2 a head for dinner - solo Kiwi mum shares secrets

This story was first published on Thursday July 19.

Rotorua’s Loreen Shields can feed her family for around $2 a head for dinner. Source: Seven Sharp

A Rotorua woman, who struggled for years as a solo mum, wants to share how she learned to feed her family by only spending around $2 per head for dinner.

Loreen Shields has some simple rules that can help get that ever expensive shopping budget down while still delivering hearty meals for the family.

RULE 1: Buy in season and buy cheap

Food is often cheaper when in season; especially fruit and veg, also make sure to always be on the lookout for supermarket specials.

RULE 2: Buy items that can be used across a range of meals

For example a head of broccoli can go a long way, remember the stalk can also be used.

RULE 3: Don't turn up your nose at budget brand products

Often for a cheaper price non-name brand or budget products will do the same job.

RULE 4: Avoid temptation

Those chocolate treats next to the counter might seem irresistible, but they're also going to hurt your wallet.

RULE 5: Fresh isn't always best

Canned foods and food close to its expiry date can really help get the most out of your weekly food budget.

Following these rules Loreen managed to serve up a meal to her family which worked out to $2.25 per head.