Most read story: Body found after Waikato University student goes missing at Omanawa Falls near Tauranga

Note: This story first ran on Monday April 23

Tauranga City Council’s Warren Aitken says the falls are an ongoing hazard to the public, despite their efforts to cordon them off. Source: 1 NEWS

Police have now located a body, after Waikato University earlier announced that a man missing at Omanawa Falls near Tauranga is a student of the university.

A police dive team had been searching the area and have nnounced the discovery of the body this afternoon (Monday).

Waikato University Student Services earlier released a statement saying: "Our thoughts are with the friends and family of the missing student, and we are offering them all the support we can at this incredibly difficult time. 

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"Our staff are in contact with the other students involved in the incident, as well as those who are on the same course as the missing man, and are making sure they have access to all appropriate student services and assistance."  

Police Search and Rescue responded just before 3pm yesterday to reports that someone swimming in the falls south of Tauranga was missing.

Officers were able to assist two people from the water, but a third person remained unaccounted for until the discovery of the body this afternoon.

A Waikato University van with a group of at least 12 people has arrived at the gates to the falls today also.

Members of the group have told 1 NEWS the missing man attended the university and had travelled to Tauranga to visit the falls.

It's believed the missing man's cousin is here and family are aware of what's happened.

The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust says a woman in her early twenties was rescued in shock and suffering mild hypothermia yesterday.

Police were called to Omanawa Falls yesterday afternoon after a swim turned to tragedy. Source: 1 NEWS

A paramedic on the Westpac Rescue Helicopter was lowered into a steep and narrow gorge at the bottom of the falls and retrieved the woman. 

Was Clarke Gayford's response to disparaging Herald column appropriate? PM Ardern weighs in 'bottom feeding fish' tweet

The backlash against a newspaper column taking aim at the "cringey"-ness of First Man of New Zealand, Clarke Gayford, is not being bolstered by the Prime Minister, who says she hasn't read the article.

Jacinda Ardern was reserved in her assessment of an article published yesterday in the NZ Herald titled "Why does Clarke Gayford bug me?" written by business journalist Deborah Hill Cone.

"I didn't read it actually, no," Ms Ardern said this morning on TVNZ's Breakfast.

Mr Gayford is accused of "piggy-backing" off Ms Ardern's success in the opinion piece. Source: 1 NEWS

"I just could tell from the tone of it that it wasn't going to be especially nice."

But is Clarke Gayford "fair game" asked host Jack Tame?

"He is in the public eye, and I accept that he was in the public eye before we were a couple," Ms Ardern said.

"And obviously people choose to make comments like that, we just have to get on with it, we just have to keep doing our own jobs and not pay too much attention."

In the article, Hill Cone wrote: "So here's another theory. My Clarke snark might be an allergy to spouses who piggyback on their other half's success.

"You know those corporate wives, Betty Draper-style, who talk about how 'we' are running the company. There is something shameful about gratuitously getting status you didn't 'work for'."

It prompted this response from Gayford on Twitter yesterday:

"And welcome back to NZ - lol. Here's some other bottom feeding fish who I'd never met which feature as breaking news this weds 8pm on Prime TV, FISH OF THE DAY. - in the stunning COROMANDEL." 

Ms Ardern said there was no Parliamentary media screening of any such public responses by Gayford.

"No, Clarke is his own person. That was the one about fish I think you were referring to. It was about fish, Jack," Ms Ardern said with a smile.

The Prime Minister did concede Gayford was somewhat fair game to criticism having been in the public eye for years. Source: Breakfast



'I feel proud about that' - Jacinda Ardern says Families Package best part of her first six months

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says her government's biggest achievement so far is raising the amount of support for low and middle-income families from July this year.

Ms Ardern, speaking on TVNZ 1's Breakfast, said the Families Package introduced by her government was among many things she was proud of.

"From July we will have the biggest change to the amount of support that middle income and low income families will see in a decade coming in," she said.

"I feel proud about that because that's something we needed to do.

"Too many families are doing it tough, including middle-income families - they just feel squeezed.

"So doing that right off the bat was the right thing to do."

The Prime Minister is coming up to six months in the job, and said a raise in support for those groups was "the right thing to do". Source: Breakfast