Most read: Nelson woman delighted after Apple unlocks late husband's iPhone, to access precious memories

This story was first published on Tuesday August 21.

Fair Go has the password that re-unites a mother and daughter with their lost loved one. Source: Fair Go

A Nelson woman whose husband left behind a locked iPhone containing a lifetime of memories is delighted and relieved Apple has finally been able to give her access to the device.

Haley Brabant first asked Apple for help after her husband Steve died in February, because the family had forgotten to ask him for the passcode.

"We just didn’t even think about that… At the end it went really quick so things like that just didn’t really matter at the time," said Haley.

The device contained hundreds of photos and videos of Steve, Haley and their four year-old daughter Mahli.

Apple asked for documents certifying Steve's ownership of the phone, and proof of his death but then also required a will, probate and more legal paperwork that would have cost Haley in excess of $1000.

"They keep putting me from person to person," she said.

After Haley came to Fair Go, Apple assigned an employee to Haley's case and now the phone has been unlocked – along with the precious photos, videos and memories of Steve.

"Me and Mahli were pretty much in tears when we saw them. It's just awesome memories and photos I've never seen before of Mahli and Steve, and our life together".

The phone’s contents are especially important to Mahli, says her mum.

"So she can just see what he was like, and see him when he was healthy as well. It's over. We’ve finally got them," she said.