Most Kiwis want police to continue chasing fleeing drivers - 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll

Eighty-two per cent of New Zealanders think police should continue to chase fleeing drivers, according to the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll. 

It comes as the chase policy is reviewed by the police watchdog, with eight deaths already this year. Source: 1 NEWS

The poll asked, "Do you think police pursuits in New Zealand should be banned?"

While 12 per cent of people said "yes", a resounding 82 per cent said "no". The rest weren't sure.

Two young people were arrested this afternoon in Palmerston North after allegedly refusing to stop for police. 

"This is the sort of bravado of the young people. You want to put it on Facebook or you want to be a little bit of a hero in the eyes of your mates. It's the wrong way to be a hero," Police Minister Stuart Nash said.

While today's chase ended without injury, others haven't been as lucky. A record 13 people were killed in police pursuits last year, with at least eight deaths so far this year.

National's police spokesperson Chris Bishop said, "Obviously your heart goes out to them and their families, but you do have to send a message."

Mr Bishop said he agrees with the vast majority of New Zealanders on police pursuits.

Mr Nash said he thinks pursuits are "a pragmatic approach to policing".

But critics say the risk of pursuits outweighs the reason and far too many people are being killed.

The number of police pursuits have shot up by 64 per cent in the last six years, and the Independent Police Conduct Authority is reviewing current policy, despite there having been six reviews and 12 new versions of the policy in recent years. 

"When 59 per cent of pursuits are abandoned I do think that is the police taking a very responsible attitude towards this," Mr Nash said.

It's an attitude police hope fleeing drivers will take on as well.