'The most amazing job' - longest serving female MP Annette King reflects her 33 years in parliament




After more than 30 years in Parliament, Labour MP Annette King is stepping away after serving under nine leaders including Helen Clark - who she says serving under was the "highlight of my career". 

Annette King entered parliament in 1984 and served under nine leaders during her time as an MP.
Source: Breakfast

Walking into parliament in 1984, Ms King is New Zealand's longest serving female MP and says she never thought she would stay in politics for 33 years. 

She will step away from politics after the September election.

Speaking on TVNZ's Breakfast programme, Ms King said being a MP is "the most amazing job".

"You do so many different things, you meet so many people and every now and then you get a chance to make decisions that make a difference," Ms King said. 

"Working with Helen Clark was a highlight of my career because there was a woman who could make things happen, she was respected and she was formidable actually and she gave me so many opportunities

"I never thought I would be that long in politics, it just happened and the years rolled by and the elections rolled by, 11 of them."

Ms King witnessed the change in the number of woman who have entered parliament as MPs.

Today, 31 per cent of MPs are woman compared to only eight per cent when Ms King started in politics in 1984.  

However, she says New Zealand still has a long way to go to if the country "truely wants to have a house of representatives" in terms of gender.

"After the 84 election we went from eight per cent to 15 in that election and then you look forward 31 years and were only up to 31 per cent and that's just not good enough... if you truely want to have a house of representatives then it needs to be 50 per cent and it'll happen but it's been very slow."

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