Morrinsville couple overcoming catastrophic injury given helping hand for their wedding and honeymoon

Anthony and Imogen are a young couple in love. And like any young couple, they had plans, careers, a wedding and a long life together mapped out.

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Anthony and Imogen didn’t let a life-changing accident get in the way of their plans. Source: Seven Sharp

Until everything changed.

In January last year, Anthony had a diving accident that left him confined to a wheelchair.

"It's been a bit tough," Anthony conceded. "Major changes - it's a bit strange."

But the couple has adopted a remarkable attitude to Anthony's situation, determined to make every day count as they fast track their plans.

So Seven Sharp decided to give the couple a little helping hand for their wedding and honeymoon - handing them $10,000 as this week’s ASB Good as Gold winners.

"This is the most random day ever," Anthony said. "[It's] the first good surprise we've had in a couple of years."

Imogen agreed. 

"It's always been bad ones," she said.