More trouble could be looming for British travellers with police making further inquiries

More trouble could be looming for the bunch of brazen travellers seemingly leaving chaos after almost every step.

Police have told 1 NEWS they’re continuing to investigate the British passport holders.

“Inquiries are ongoing into a number of reported incidents,” Inspector Kevin McNaughton from Waitemata East Police said.

“Police are supported by and continue to work alongside our partners including Immigration, Auckland Council, Customs and other government agencies.”

Police are also pleading for help from the New Zealand public, after a vast array of online comments.

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They’re investigating after a group was filmed leaving a pile of rubbish at the beach, before an angry confrontation with locals. Source: 1 NEWS

“We ask members of the public to leave any action against this group of visitors to the appropriate authorities to deal with accordingly to ensure a peaceful outcome,” Mr McNaughton told 1 NEWS.

Five of the travellers have been giving marching orders by Immigration, handed Deportation Liability Notices earlier this week.

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1 NEWS reporter Kim Baker Wilson was at the Hamilton District Court. Source: 1 NEWS

The fifth person to get one was Tina Maria Cash, 26, who admitted to two theft charges yesterday in the Hamilton District Court.

She was convicted and ordered to pay $55.20 for stealing cans of Red Bull, rope and sunglasses on two separate visits to an Auckland Caltex.

One of her supporters told 1 NEWS outside court Cash stole the goods “because she felt like it”, but her lawyer told the court she can’t remember stealing.