More than half of Kiwis think now is not the right time for tax cuts - poll

More than half of Kiwis think now is not the right time for tax cuts, the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll has found.

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The latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll found most New Zealanders were not keen on lowering tax at the moment. Source: 1 NEWS

Labour and National are both promising changes to income tax if elected, with Labour's a tax increase hitting income earned over $180,000 by placing a new tax rate of 39 per cent, and National's temporarily slashing tax by altering tax brackets

However, according to the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll, only 34 per cent think now is the right time for tax cuts, 57 per cent disagree and don't think now is the right time, and 9 per cent either did not know or refused to answer. 

The groups of people who were more likely than average (34 per cent) to think now was the right time for tax cuts were National and ACT supporters, Aucklanders and people aged 55 and over. 

However, the results showed 62 per cent of National supporters and 57 per cent of ACT supporters wanted a tax cut at the moment.

Green and Labour supporters were more likely to think now was not the right time. 

Clinical psychologist Jacqui Maguire said the reason more people might think now is not the right time for tax cuts is because "we are in crisis as a country".

"We have people who are in significant financial pain and those of us that are fortunate enough to not be in that position want to support our mates."

National finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says their promise is a short term stimulatory tax cuts, "and I'm sure there's widespread support for that". 

Labour's Grant Robertson said "what we need is stability, what we need is to make sure we can deliver the public services that New Zealanders need right now and it's just not the time for tax cuts". 

Green Party co-leader said tax cuts lead to "mouldy school buildings, crappy hospital buildings, a housing crisis because we haven't built enough homes". 

ACT's David Seymour said he was "not surprised the majority of ACT voters are in favour of cutting taxes, I wouldn't have it any other way". 

Those polled were asked: "Labour is promising to increase income tax for people earning more than $180,000. National is promising widespread income tax cuts. Is now the right time for tax cuts?"

Between September 23 and 27, 2020, 1005 eligible voters were polled by landline (403) or mobile phone (602). The maximum sampling error is approximately ±3.1 percentage-points at the 95 per cent confidence level. Results higher and lower than 50 per cent have a smaller sampling error. The data has been weighted to align with Stats NZ population counts for age, gender, region, ethnic identification and mobile or landline access.