More than 800 breaches of Covid-19 lockdown rules with 109 prosecutions

There has been a total of 847 breaches of the Covid-19 lockdown rules, Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield announced today. 

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There have been 109 people prosecuted for flouting Level 4 lockdown rules. Source: 1 NEWS

Of the breaches, there has been 109 prosecutions, as well as 717 warnings and 21 youth referrals. 

It was a large jump from earlier this week when Police Commissioner Andrew Coster reported just 367 breaches on April 8, with 45 prosecutions and 309 warnings. 

"I know police have been very active over the Easter weekend, stopping cars and also a high presence in the community," Dr Bloomfield said today. 

It comes after police set up 190 checkpoints on Easter Friday, with more than 100 warnings issued.

'All sorts of excuses' - Police stopping rulebreakers from flouting lockdown rules

1 NEWS was told of "all sorts of excuses" that were given to police over the Easter weekend. 

Sergeant Mark Fleming said despite having to turn around a few motorists, "a lot of people are heeding the message to stay home".

NZ Herald reported as of Friday, there were 677 recorded breaches, 84 prosecutions and 582 warnings since the lockdown began. 

Excuses wearing thin as police crack down on coronavirus lockdown breachers

Earlier this month, the epidemic select committee were told by law professor John Hopkins the law to enforce the lockdown was "problematic" as it relied heavily on discretion by police.

He said this was not sustainable - pointing to the example of mixed messaging at the beginning of the lockdown causing confusion for many Kiwis.

Dr Hopkins suggested the guidelines given to police should be released to the public, or a set of rules should be publicised "that are justifiable on the basis of the evidence, legitimate in the eyes of the public, and most importantly clear and open to all".

Survey finds most Kiwis willing to extend lockdown to eradicate Covid-19

Two days later, the law around activities and travel under Alert Level 4 were clarified and guidelines released by the Ministry of Health and police.

Source: 1 NEWS