More than $24k donated to disabled girl's family whose home was ransacked after quake

More than $24,000 has been raised today for a Christchurch family, including a disabled girl, whose home was ransacked by looters when they fled for safety following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake overnight. 

The Mill family evacuated their home during the quake, only to return and find it ransacked. Source: 1 NEWS

Melissa and Matt Mill evacuated their two daughters from their New Brighton home at 2am following the threat of a possible tsunami. 

Their youngest daughter is in a wheelchair and suffers from muscular dystrophy. 

"That's why we left, because we thought it was safer for her if anything happened, like if there was a tsunami," Ms Mill said. 

When the family returned home at 5am they were devastated to find the house had been robbed and their daughter's $5000 hearing aid was gone.  

"We came up the driveway and saw the work truck was gone," Mrs Mill said.

"Then we saw the front door was open, the side door, the garage door and the sleep out."

Her daughter uses her wireless microphone system to help with with hearing impairment and it is specifically designed for her, deeming it worthless to anyone else. 

Thieves also stole her husband's work truck, the family's television, x-box and even went so far as to unwrap the family's Christmas presents. 

"I got out pretty angry actually and went inside and had a look around and everything was tipped upside down, all the draws were out," said Mr Mill. 

The couple today set up a Givealittle page, writing that the wireless microphone system should be replaced by the Ministry of Education but funds are needed to replace all the other items. 

But 7.15pm tonight nearly 600 donors had pledged $24,176 to the family.

In a city ravaged by earthquakes and disaster the family thought her home would have been safe and the community would have pulled together.

"Just gutted… just really disheartened as to how someone could do that," said Mrs Mill.

The burglary was one of four reported to Christchurch police and police have told the family that they will not be able to visit the home for another two days as they responding to urgent earthquake related call outs in the area.

The Mill's truck was stolen from their New Brighton home in Christchurch when the family fled for the property for safety. It is a silver Mazda with roof racks. The number plate is EPP79. Source: 1 NEWS

The truck is a silver Mazda with roof racks. The number plate is EPP79.

If anyone has anyone more information about the burglary or sees the truck they should call Christchurch police immediately on 03 363 7400.

Across Canterbury there were 19 reports of burglary overnight at both residential and commercial properties.

"This sort of offending really scrapes the bottom of the barrel, especially for Cantabrians who have endured so much heartache in similar circumstances over the last five years," said Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price.