More than 1500 BNZ customer's confidential information compromised in data glitch

By ONE News Now Reporter Emily van Velthooven

BNZ (Bank of New Zealand) Source: 1 NEWS

Bank New Zealand are facing the wrath of more than 1500 retail clients after their private bank account information was sent out to random customers.

A Waikato woman, who chose to remain anonymous, contacted ONE News claiming she had received an email from BNZ disclosing bank information for a local business.

She says she received an email on Tuesday morning listing the account details of a large business.

"It had the date, bank account names, balances, available credit all of that stuff. It was bizarre!" she said.

The woman immediately called BNZ and said the support person "couldn't give a crap".

She then contacted the business owner whose information she received and said "the woman had language flying out of her mouth".

The woman said the business owner was mortified.

"BNZ then called me back and took my phone call a little more seriously. I wasn't the only one who received the email. Apparently they had received over 1,000 calls," she said.

ONE News contacted BNZ who confirmed more than 1500 people nationwide received alerts regarding retail account information.

A BNZ spokesperson said that following a software update, a glitch occurred in the system which caused a disperse of information.

"Due to a system error a small number of customers yesterday morning received routine text and email alerts for accounts that did not belong to them," the spokeswoman confirmed.

"These alerts were largely for our retail customers and did not include customer account numbers or names. This issue has been fixed and we apologise for any inconvenience called." 

Puzzled customers who received the alerts took to BNZ's Facebook page to express their concern.

Rebecca Burk wrote "Is there a glitch in your notification system this morning? Received an email and TXT alert stating rapid repay loan was overdrawn by several thousand dollars but I don't have a home loan with you! Whats up?"

Some customers found the information amusing.

"Hey BNZ – you emailed me today saying I was $1,625,409.57 over drawn in an account I don’t even have with you… however you also told me I have $952,195.43 available funds – just wondering how quickly you can get that cash to me…" Lissa Birse posted.

BNZ said they didn't intend to contact businesses whose information had been wrongly shared.