'More people than ever are being shot' - critics hit out at police use of Tasers




A year on from its implementation, the use of Tasers by front-line police officers is being hailed a success. However, not everyone agrees with that assessment.

NZ Police are hailing arming all front-line officers with Tasers as a success, but some say they aren’t working.
Source: 1 NEWS

One police authority told ONE News that Tasers were effective at resolving high-level incidents, before they progressed to an even worse level.

But human rights lawyer Michael Bott says they simply aren't working.

"The call for police to arm themselves as a matter of routine has continued unabated," Mr Bott said.

"In the meanwhile, more people than ever are being shot by police."

Mr Bott said he was also concerned about Tasers being used on people who were mentally ill, or who had heart conditions.

Just this month, two people were shot by police in two separate incidents in Hamilton and Rotorua.

One was killed, the other remains in a critical condition.

Frontline staff have access to 1600 Tasers around the country.

Last year, Tasers were pulled out by police 965 times, but only discharged 130 times throughout the country.

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