More getting hooked as P gets cheaper

Methamphetamine is now estimated to be a one billion dollar industry in New Zealand and people dealing with addiction say the drug is getting cheaper and easier to get hold of.

Those on the frontline dealing with addiction say the drug is getting cheaper. Source: 1 NEWS

Addiction services claim seventy percent of their clients are now hooked on P and in some places it's now easier to get than cannabis, resulting in more people needing help.

But many are missing out as the demand far outweighs the beds that are available, meaning there can be a three to four month waiting list.

The cost for a point of P has fallen to around $80 to $100 and Whanganui alone has seen a 25% jump in meth use.

Other communities like Northland are also reported to be experiencing a real resurgence in methamphetamine but the police minister is not convinced.

"The health people tell me there's fewer people using it now but I think some of the people who are using it are using it more," Judith Collins says.

The minister says Police and Corrections are working together on enforcement and there's funding for rehabilitation, including beds for recovering addicts.

However Labour says the government's out of touch and police spokesman Stuart Nash says he'd be taking a very robust business case saying more police are needed on the ground.

Ms Collins believes that at the moment police are coping but says "in the future it's clear we're going to need more resources".