More and more New Zealand schools practising lockdown procedures

When you send your kids off to school in the morning the last thing you want to think about is them being involved in something that puts them and their classmates in danger.

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The Christchurch terrorist attack has got many of us thinking about these sort of safety drills. Source: Seven Sharp

Things like fires, bomb threats or someone coming on site with a gun.

It is a topic that not many Kiwis would have given much thought to a couple of years ago.

However, since the Christchurch terrorist attack, more and more schools are training in lockdown procedures to protect their students.

Seven Sharp visited Auckland's Howick Primary School, which had a scare of its own two years ago.

"We were one of the schools that received a fake bomb threat but we didn't know it was fake," principal Leyette Callister said.

"The children had absolutely no clue and we didn't tell them until it went into the news that they found out about it.

"Whether it's a weather event, or dogs or bees or a vehicle accident on the road or we just need to conceal them and put them in a safe place very quickly. It's a way of addressing that very quickly," Ms Callister explained.

Hers, just one of many Kiwi schools that are prepared for the worst.