Mongrel Mob game developer removes deceased gang member's image after threats

The developer of a game which used the likeness of a dead Mongrel Mob member has removed the imagery after threats.

The simple game, released on Google Play under the name Mongrel Mob Defence by developer Supremacy, featured the image of William Hurinui, a well-known member of the gang who died in 2012.

After its release on Friday, several threats were made through social media to the developer, and they have since changed the app to instead include an image of Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart on Home and Away.

Supremacy has released a number of other simple Android applications on Google Play, many of them referencing internet memes.

RNZ reported that the developer said they did not want to be named after receiving threats.

"The application has just been updated to avoid legal action being taken against the development studio which sees the protagonist replaced with Alf Stewart from Home and Away and also to reduce the amount of abuse and threats we have been receiving," they said.

The said they have no plans to remove the game itself.

The game also featured an image of a New Zealand Police vehicle and a spokesperson told RNZ they were making inquiries into that usage, and that they did not condone its use.

A screenshot from the updated version of the Mongrel Mob Defence game
A screenshot from the updated version of the Mongrel Mob Defence game. Source: Supremacy