Mongrel Mob 'don’t rate a mention' in Australia, says gang expert

The recent detainment of a Kiwi Mongrel Mob member in Darwin has put a spotlight on New Zealand gang activity in Australia.

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Dr Michael Kennedy says sporting is a bigger rivalry between Australia and NZ than gangs. Source: Breakfast

But a former Australian police detective - now academic - Dr Michael Kennedy told TVNZ1's Breakfast that New Zealand gangs in Australia are not a problem.

"There is always going to be organised crime issues but even the Mongrel Mob don’t rate a mention in relation to outlaw motorcycle gangs here," Dr Kennedy told TVNZ 1's Breakfast from Sydney.

"I think we've exported a lot more problems to New Zealand than they've exported here. The rivalry between rugby and cricket and netball doesn't translate to the criminal element.

"There's a lot more problems here than the Mongrel Mob.

With more gang members being sent to New Zealand from Australia than the other way around, Dr Kennedy said he doesn't think methamphetamine exportation from Australia to New Zealand will become a problem.

"The limited amount of money they can earn by exporting to New Zealand, I don't mean to be offensive but it's hardly worth the effort.

"Most people like to go to New Zealand for a holiday, they don't like to go there to get involved in criminal activity."