Mocking Donald Trump is no big deal, our PM says




Prime Minister Bill English says he hasn't intentionally done an impersonation of US President Donald Trump but joked other people might be of the opinion he has.

Mr English, who is currently in Tonga on the annual Pacific Mission is yet to see the leaked footage of his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull's impression of the leader of the free world.

Mr Turnbull was captured joking about his party's poor polling copying the speaking style that Mr Trump has come to be known for.

The video was taken during Australian Parliament's Mid-Winter Ball where there's an expectation that everything that happens stays among those in the room.

But the moment was captured by a guest and has been widely shared around the world, including in the US.

"You may have noticed that the media invite politicians to criticise President Trump pretty much every day and so I'm not surprised if occasionally there's some criticisms made but I wouldn't think it's a big deal," Mr English said today.

The Prime Minister says NZ remains committed to the measures set in the Paris accord.

Source: 1 NEWS

Asked if he'd ever done an impression of the US President Mr English said he hadn't intentionally, though others might be of the opinion that he had.

"Certainly I don't spent time working out how to do that," he said.

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