Misuse of gambling grant funding sees group penalised and made to pay back thousands

A group of five people who misused gambling grant funding have been sentenced to a range of penalties – from home and community detention to having to reparations ranging from $500 to around $23,570.

Pokie machines (file picture). Source:

Four defendants and one incorporated society found guilty last December for 21 charges of criminal offences were sentenced in the Manukau District Court last week.

The offences relate to the misuse of grant funding from Class four gambling (pokie machines) and follows an investigation by the Department of Internal Affairs’ Gambling Group.

The five convicted were Rakesh Chand, Richard Kumar, Pradeep Chand, Vijendra Prasad, Manukau Sanatan incorporated.

The group used such means as using false quotes, failing to use grant money or its approved purpose and failure to clearly account for where grant money was being spent.

“We are here to ensure the community gets the maximum benefit from gambling by detecting and deterring fraudulent activity in gambling related fundraising,” says Charlotte Stanley, Deputy Director Gambling.