Minister suggests some parents could be discouraged from having more children

The Government is considering actively trying to stop unfit parents from having more children.

Discussing the planned overhaul of Child, Youth and Family, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says in some cases up to seven children have had to be removed from one family.

But Ms Tolley admitted to TVNZ’s Q+A programme that it would be a 'big step' for the government to decide who can and cannot have children.

"I expect the panel will say we should get much faster contraceptive advice in, offer tubal ligations...and counselling for those families," Ms Tolley said.

Social Development minister Anne Tolley says Child Youth and Family are under pressure and changes will be made. Source: Q+A

The government is vowing to overhaul childcare protection services after yet another report highlighting its failures.

Ms Tolley says the state “is not a good parent but the reality is that many of these kids have been abused in their home life and they need someone to step in and make sure they do get a better life".

The current system prioritises administration and transaction over the needs of children, according to Ms Tolley.

“Frontline social workers are frustrated they don’t have the opportunity to spend time with those children, they know they should be out there,” she said.

The panel has proposed to take the whole system “to pieces” and rebuild it based on the children’s’ needs, a first for the social development sector.

The final report will be presented in December outlining the cost of rebuilding the system and will be taken through Cabinet early next year.

You can view the full Q+A segment with Anne Tolley here.