Minimum wage being raised for public servants

The 2000 lowest paid public servants are getting a pay rise with the Government announcing the minimum wage for core public service employees is being increased.

Public service employees will now be paid at least $20.55 an hour, which works out to be $42,744 a year, Minister of State Services Chris Hipkins announced today.

The wage increase will be implemented with a one-off adjustment in pay with effect by September 1.

The majority of the workers who will benefit work in administration, welfare, contact centres and as assistant customs officers across 13 government departments,

"This decision is about supporting fair pay and employment conditions for a decent standard of living for all New Zealanders," Mr Hipkins said.

"This Government strongly believes that every worker should be in a situation where the pay they receive means they can at least make ends meet."

Many workers at government department contact centres will benefit from the rise. Source: 1 NEWS