Millions of baby formula products recalled after salmonella scare in France



Associated Press

Pharmacies in France have been removing potentially tainted baby milk products from their shelves following an official recall from the manufacturer, Lactalis.

Thirty-five babies were reportedly diagnosed with salmonella in France.
Source: Associated Press

The head of the French dairy company says that the recall of baby milk products because of a salmonella scare has been extended to 83 countries from around 30.

In an interview with French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche, the president of Lactalis, Emmanuel Besnier, said that more than 12 million boxes of infant milk products are now concerned. 

They represent all lots from the Lactalis factory in Craon, northwest France, where the salmonella bacteria was discovered in December.

The move comes after Besnier met Friday (local time) with France's economy minister - and a bungled recall operation whose responsibility remains unclear.

The paper said 35 babies were diagnosed with salmonella in France, one in Spain and a possible case in Greece.

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