Middlemore hospital to remain in use during repairs




Middlemore Hospital has signed a deal to reclad the rotting Scott building but some doctors are concerned patients will remain inside during the reconstruction.

The former Health Minister is under fire for his claimed ignorance of four leaky buildings in the Auckland hospital.

Source: 1 NEWS

Counties Manukau DHB announced on Friday that they would not close the mould-infested building while contractors replace cladding and frames.

The DHB has signed a deal with Hawkins for the recladding, who settled with the DHB out of court over shortfalls in their original construction of the Scott building.

The reconstruction approach to be used by Hawkins is essentially untested, RNZ has reported, but acting chief executive Dr Gloria Johnson says patients would be protected throughout the build.

An infection control team would be on hand, with barriers to keep people clear and there was no risk of mould affecting patients or staff while the exterior cladding and interior walls were still intact, she said.

However, a doctor's union says the disruption will be difficult and risky for patients.

"There'll be dust, there'll be dirt, there'll be noise," Resident Doctors Association Secretary Deborah Powell says.

Patients lives would be at risk as staff would be operating in an unfamiliar environment.

Ms Powell said it made more sense to have a new building.

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