Michelle Boag's often controversial time in politics ends over National Party's leak scandal

In the space of a week, upcoming National MP Hamish Walker and senior party member Michelle Boag have quit in disgrace over the Covid-19 patient info leak scandal.

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There has been a lot of damage for National after a week cloaked in scandal. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Boag, who has had links with the National Party for nearly 50 years, apologised for her role in the scandal.

"The last few days have underscored for me the unhealthy relationship I have developed with politics," the former National Party president said.

"Unfortunately this passion has put me on a self-destructive path.

"I apologise to all those who have been collateral damage in my quest.

"I deeply regret my actions."

She has also had run ins with controversy through that time.

In 1996, she used a covert film crew to monitor Winston Peters at the winebox inquiry - her employer found in contempt.

She was axed from TVNZ’s board as a result.

Ms Boag also once memorably used a rescue helicopter to fetch her passport.

After leaking confidential information of at least 18 Covid-19 patients to National MP Hamish Walker, Ms Boag today announced she’ll be cutting ties with the National Party.

“Some people in politics I think do get a bit carried away by all the back room, smoky dark-manoeuvring,” political commentator Ben Thomas told 1 NEWS.

She's also resigned from numerous trusts.

Covid-19 privacy breach info came from Health Ministry, Michelle Boag says

“We really felt we in no other position to accept it although we did so with regret given her outstanding performance as a trustee,” chairman of simplicity charitable trust Peter Neilson says.

This once powerful woman is now facing the consequences of her actions.