Methamphetamine prices at record low in North Island centres

By Ben Strang of

Methamphetamine has dropped to a record low price in Auckland, Waikato and Wellington.

A survey run by Massey University's SHORE and Whariki Research Centre shows the median price for methamphetamine has dropped to $500 a gram, down almost 10 per cent on last year.

Associate Professor Chris Wilkins, who led the research, said methamphetamine has reached a record low of $450 a gram in the North Island's main centres.

"I've been doing this for over 10 years, so I've seen the price slowly declining over that 10 years," he said.

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Associate Professor Chris Wilkins says increased supply of the drug in along with a price drop has contributed to more availability. Source: Breakfast

"But really it was quite surprising for it to settle on this new low, which was $450 a gram. When I first started, methamphetamine cost $1000 a gram."

Dr Wilkins said the low cost and stories of record seizures of the drug show more methamphetamine is being imported into the country than ever before.

He said the low costs in Auckland, Waikato and Wellington also fit with where some of the drug is being manufactured, and reflect where methamphetamine is often imported to.

Some places in the South Island can pay up to $200 more per gram for methamphetamine than the main North Island centres.

Dr Wilkins said the falling prices could be harmful.

"The price of illegal drugs are important determinants of who uses them, the level of consumption, and the related individual and social harm," he said.

"Declining prices can stimulate higher consumption and more harmful use, particularly among 'at-risk' groups."

The survey also showed the price of other drugs, like cannabis, ecstasy and LSD, were not dropping as fast as methamphetamine.

Dr Wilkins said almost 11,000 people had been surveyed, many of whom were drug users.

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The South Island is emerging as the new battleground in the fight against P, authorities say. Source: 1 NEWS