The 'mess' of opposition parties won't change National's election campaigning, says Bill English




Bill English hasn't let upheaval in opposition party ranks affect his day to day schedule, as he visited Christchurch today to launch funding for the next stage of the city's new convention centre.

Bill English won't let opposition upheaval throw him off campaign stride.
Source: 1 NEWS

The Prime Minister announced a $240 million contract to design and complete construction of the new convention centre.

The Christchurch convention centre’s economic benefit is claimed to be over $300 million over the next eight years.

And it's this storyline of a stable government and growing economy that National are bunkering down with.

"Look our case is a positive case for NZ it's not really contingent on what the opposition parties make out of the mess they've been in for the last few weeks," Mr English said.

"There's leadership changes, we don't know if there's policy changes."

The Prime Minister said while Jacinda Ardern may have made a splash with voters, National’s popularity hasn't taken a dive.

Mr English said nothing about the last 10 days will change the way the National Party campaigns, and the lefts rearrangement won't affect votes for his party.

"No we're not worried about the changes at all, we are of course very focused on how to win a tight election cos it's always been going to be tight," Mr English said.

But even in Christchurch Central, National's Nicky Wagner faces a strong challenge from lawyer and Labour candidate Duncan Webb.

"We have every confidence in Nicky Wagner, she campaigned very hard to win this seat, she's held it because she's done a great job in a community that's had the most massive changes you can imagine," Mr English said.

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