Mental health sector boosted by $3.5 million Government investment

Groups who support vulnerable people in the mental health and wellbeing sector will be getting extra support from the Government with a $3.5 million funding boost as some New Zealanders struggle through the Covid-19 lockdown.

David Clark. Source: 1 NEWS

Health Minister David Clark today said funding will go to groups, including Outline New Zealand, the Cancer Society, the Mental Health Foundation, the NZ Drug Foundation, Changing Minds, Supporting Families NZ, Health Promotion Agency and rural communities.

“It’s important that these groups have information that is specific to their situation and they know exactly how to reach out for help if they need it," he said.

Support has been provided through targeted information campaigns, online peer support, resources and help with staying connected.

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Sir John was initially going to sell the app to corporates, but decided to offer it free to all New Zealanders instead. Source: Breakfast

"In addition to the mental health and wellbeing support tools we launched recently for all Kiwis, extra support is being given to people who are vulnerable or more at risk. That boost has already made a significant difference," Mr Clark said.

The news comes after the Government announced free mental health and addiction services will be made available to 1.5 million New Zealanders by the middle of the year.

"These initiatives build on those announced over the past few weeks, providing information, tools and resources to help all New Zealanders maintain their mental wellbeing during these difficult times," Mr Clark said.

"I've been told that a lot of people are dealing with either unplanned withdrawal or they have chosen this period to give up drinking or drugs. The NZ Drug Foundation has been providing really important information to these people on how to manage what they are experiencing in a safe way."