Mental health nurse says Christie Marceau's killer was 'clearly irritated' during assessment


A mental health nurse who assessed the man who killed Auckland teenager Christie Marceau has testified that she has "never assessed anyone who went on to commit the level of crime he did". 

The 18-year-old's killer was on bail close to the Marceau family home when he struck.
Source: 1 NEWS

Sally French gave evidence via video link from Nelson this morning as the inquest into Christie's death entered its second week.

Ms French assessed Akshay Chand with another specialist mental health nurse in October 2011.

The assessment was a compulsory part of Chand's bail application process to evaluate his mental well being, risk of harming himself or others, and other factors.

Mr French said Chand was "clearly irritated at having to be there". 

She said she interpreted his behaviour as "passive aggressive" but did not see behaviours indicating psychosis.

She said Chand responded clearly and had clear thoughts.

Ms French said she questioned Chand about anti-depressants he'd been prescribed following an attempted overdose.

Chand had been hospitalised after taking 50 multi-vitamin tablets in the wake of him kidnapping and threating Marceau with a knife on September 6, 2011.

Ms French said she asked whether there were any side effects and Chand replied he'd lost weight, concentration was a problem and he was having difficulty reading and watching movies.

She said Chand's mother said he was more social.

Ms French said Chand's reluctance to discuss his offending against Christie meant the assessment relied on Chand's own assessment of his well-being, his lack of criminal history and his mother's observations.

"I can't read minds," Ms French said. "I wish we could."

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