Men missing in Tongariro National Park unlikely to be alive, police say


Police say it would be a miracle if two men lost in Tongariro National Park were found alive.

1 NEWS reporter Sean Hogan is in the central North Island as the police continue to the search.
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Source: 1 NEWS

Vincent Taumata and Hakopo Ngaronoa have been lost in the national park since Saturday after they fled from police in a stolen vehicle and dashed into the bush to escape the authorities.

Police say men missing in Tongariro National Park unlikely to be found alive.
Source: 1 NEWS

No contact has been made with the pair since they phoned 111 on Sunday morning.

An over 60-strong search crew are looking for any sign of the men, which includes help from army officials.

A number of items have been found including two campsites lit by a gas canister, a phone case and unfortunately clothing too.

A group of friends and family have also been conducting their own search where the stolen car was left.

The pair are ill-equipped for being in the bush and their phones appear flat.
Source: 1 NEWS

Police says he pair will be suffering from hyperthermia and are unlikely to be alive.

Teams will debrief at the end of the day and it will be decided how the search progresses from here.

Inspector Kevin Taylor says that doesn't mean a scale back of search teams but it means changing how they search.

A helicopter has again been prevented from helping due to bad weather in the area.

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