Members of NZ’s only gym for breast cancer survivors sell lingerie to support cause

Members of a special Dunedin gym are tonight launching a new initiative to help breast cancer survivors not only feel good, but look good too.

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Money from the sales are vital to keeping Dunedin’s EXPINCT gym running. Source: 1 NEWS

Both Andrea Samson and close friend Lucy Warren will start selling lingerie to those who have, or have had breast cancer.

The pair, both breast cancer survivors, saying the current options weren’t sustainable.

“A lot of it is very Victorian looking, makes you feel like a patient. Not something you’d put on to feel attractive,” Samson says.

The clothing will initially come from a business in the USA, with aims of one day starting their own Kiwi line.

A chunk of the profits will then go towards a Dunedin gym known as ‘EXPINKT’. Believed to be New Zealand’s only gym for breast cancer patients.

Otago University associate professor Lynette Jones has run the gym for the past 11 years. The money Samson and Warren donate will be vital to keeping it up and running.

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Tonight we are taking you inside a gym you can only join if you have breast cancer. The founder, Dr Lynnette Jones is this week's Good Sort. Source: 1 NEWS

“What will I spend it on? It’s going to help pay for additional trainers and to replace equipment,” Jones says.

Jones says the idea of lingerie specifically for breast cancer patients is a no-brainer.

“Breast cancer does cut right to the heart of being female, so the ability to have some attractive lingerie available to them will certainly help.”

The range, Touched By Pink NZ, will not only be sold online but also offered with home visits and fittings.