Members Bill requiring schools to be notified of sex offenders placed in Parliament ballot

A Members Bill has been placed in Parliament's ballot requiring the Department of Corrections to notify schools of sex offenders in their local communities, Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey has today announced.

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"Recently, after two sex offenders were housed in Waimakariri, I was appalled to learn that there is no requirement for the Department of Corrections to inform local schools," Mr Doocey said in a statement.

The bill would ensure "all schools within five kilometres, or the nearest school if there are none within the five kilometre area, will be notified of the placement of a sex offender."

It would also require the Department of Corrections to "notify local schools 48 hours before the release of a sex offender into a community, or within 72 hours of housing the sex offender in a new residential address."

"I accept that some sex offenders will need to be managed in the community, but as a parent it's outrageous that local schools are not informed of a sex offender's placement in their community," he said.

Mr Doocey has also created a petition to call on the Department of Corrections to inform schools when sex offenders are placed in their communities.