Member of havoc-causing tourist group charged with theft of Red Bull, sunglasses

The woman arrested yesterday who's thought to be part of a group of unruly travellers leaving havoc in their wake is charged with stealing Red Bull, rope and sunglasses from a petrol station.

The 26-year-old was arrested yesterday and appeared briefly today at Hamilton District Court.

Court documents have not listed where she is from, and state she has no fixed address, and she appeared without supporters either inside the court or outside.

She's charged with theft on New Year's Eve in Albany in Auckland, and again in Albany a few days later on January 3.

Her case was put on hold while an application for legal aid is filed and considered and Community Magistrate Ngaire Mascelle told the court bail is opposed.

The case will begin again once the paperwork is considered.

Police told 1 NEWS the woman is "believed to be" part of the tourist group that has been accused of ripping off multiple restaurants and becoming aggressive when confronted about littering at Auckland's Takapuna Beach.

Yesterday, the tourists were served a deportation notice by Immigration New Zealand after police received reports of the family causing trouble at Burger King in Hamilton.

"Section 157(5) of the Immigration Act 2009 provides for temporary visa holders to be issued with a DLN on a number of grounds, including matters relating to character," said Peter Devoy, Assistant General Manager of INZ.

The notices mean the family have 28 days to appeal their deportation.

One of the family members, however, told 1 NEWS the family planned on leaving the country today due to what they said was mistreatment by New Zealanders.

The family denied any wrongdoing.

The tourists first shot to infamy this week when footage of them allegedly littering and abusing locals at an Auckland beach was posted on Facebook.

They’re investigating after a group was filmed leaving a pile of rubbish at the beach, before an angry confrontation with locals. Source: 1 NEWS

The tourists first shot to infamy when footage of them allegedly littering and abusing locals at an Auckland beach was posted on Facebook. Source: 1 NEWS