Mei Fan's killer has appeal against conviction and sentence thrown out


A man described as "evil" for the murder of his ex-wife has had his attempt to have his conviction and sentence overturned denied.

Michael Preston was sentenced to life in prison for his ex-wife's murder.
Source: 1 NEWS

Michael Preston was found guilty after a five week trial for the murder of Rongmei (Mei) Fan.

In December he was sentenced to 19 years in prison for her murder.

Preston went to the Court of Appeal in August in an attempt to have his conviction quashed. That has today been dismissed.

The Judge also found that the term of imprisonment imposed on Preston was not manifestly excessive.

Preston argued there had been a miscarriage of justice because errors were made in admitting certain material as evidence.

He also appealed on the grounds that the minimum period of imprisonment imposed by the sentencing Judge was too high.

Ms Fan was found dead in November 2012 in the Wellington house she shared with her two children, with the murder weapon still embedded in her neck.

Preston argued someone who broke in, or a member of Ms Fan's estranged family, could have killed her.

The former couple met and married in China, where they had two children before moving to New Zealand.

Jury in the Mei Fan murder trial were shown police footage of what an officer saw upon finding Ms Fan's body.
Source: 1 NEWS

In October 2012 Ms Fan moved into a Women's Refuge shelter and obtained a protection order against Preston, which he breached on a several occasions.

During the trial the court heard how Preston stalked Ms Fan and threatened to take the children and have her deported after their marriage ended.

Preston has never admitted killing Ms Fan.

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