Meet the young candidates vying to enter Parliament

There are more than 30 candidates under the age of 30 standing in this year’s election. Voter turnout statistics for the 2017 general election for people under 30 hover below 70 per cent. But, young people are making their mark in their own way, from the School Strike 4 Climate marches to the Make it 16 campaigners arguing to lower the voting age in the High Court

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The TVNZ Young Voters debate brought the parties together to look at issues facing young Kiwis. Source: 1 NEWS

1 NEWS talks to the youngest candidates running for National, Labour, the Greens, New Zealand First and ACT to find out what makes them tick and why they’re running for Parliament. 

National - William Wood

Young candidates: 'No age group has a monopoly on good ideas' - National's William Wood

ACT - Abigail Johnson

Young candidates: ‘I think I'm able to connect with students’ - ACT's Abigail Johnson

Green Party - Luke Wijohn

Young candidates: 'There are so many other young people who could do an awesome job' - Greens' Luke Wijohn

Labour - Liam Wairepo

Young candidates: ‘This is what our new style of politics is going to be’ - Labour's Liam Wairepo

NZ First - Robert Griffith

Young candidates: ‘I can understand why a lot of my peers protest’ — NZ First's Robert Griffith

Young candidates from ACT, NZ First, National, Labour and the Greens. Source: 1 NEWS / Supplied