Meet the Steve Hansen of the eSports world

On first glance, there may not be much in common between All Blacks coach Steve Hansen and the world of video gaming, or to give it its proper title, eSports.

But with millions of dollars on the line for those who excel with a controller in their hand, making sure they are in peak condition is just as important for them as it is for those who run out on the pitch.

Reef Galloway, aka Eminence, says having a coach is important to make sure he is primed for competition.

"Training helps us evaluate the problems that we have. So when we go into the big matches, like the World Championships, we know what we're doing," he told Seven Sharp.

Galloway, part of team Slicer, is coached by Jonny Weatherly, who comes from a trampolining background.

As well as helping them fine tune their playing style, he also makes sure they are mentally and physically fresh.

Weatherly says he is inspired by the best in the coaching business.

"I really love what Steve Hansen does. I've read his biography, and watched some of talks at coaching conferences," he said.

The world of eSports is gaining traction in New Zealand, with Duane Mutu saying "it's eclipsing your traditional sport in the way of ratings", meaning more people could be looking at the past-time as a legitimate way to make a living. 

Esports is growing in NZ, and many gamers now need coaches since they're earning real money. Source: Seven Sharp