Meet the Southland brothers helping keep their town turning

Wyndham is just off the beaten track in eastern Southland, often missed by people heading through from Invercargill to Gore. 

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The Geary brothers say they are jack of all trades, helping keep Wyndham in shape. Source: Seven Sharp

But for decades, the Geary brothers have kept the town going and if there’s something that needs doing, they know how to do it. 

They’re literally the jacks of all trades, helping out with everything from cow and hay sheds, to boats and cars.

"We’ve been bugging around here in Wyndham for about 50 years, trying to make things right in the building industry," they told Seven Sharp. 

The Geary brothers. Source: 1 NEWS

"We’re sort of alright. Not bad until the IRD gets ahold of us and they sort of bugger things up a wee bit every month. Ouch, that hurts, and we start again.

"When we started that’s what building was all about, just doing everything from digging the foundations to putting the roof on."

Watch the video above to find out more.