Meet the rural knitting club protesting to their local council by planting trees in problematic potholes

There are all kinds of activism. There's the show of force. The loud chanting. The silent protest. But a local knitting group in rural Auckland may have come up with the best yet.

The Kumeu knitting club, called Kumeuknitty, has had enough of potholes and reckon they've tried asking council nicely to fix them up – for seven years.

The council said it isn’t a problem so to show how deep an issue it is, the knitters have rolled up their sleeves and got planting – in the potholes.

"We're always up for a bit of fun," the group told TVNZ1’s Seven Sharp.

"So someone brought the marigolds, someone else brought the soil, and we knew there was plenty of potholes close at hand."

To find out more about Kumeuknitty’s protest and their other foray into activism, watch the full clip above.

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    Kumeuknitty isn’t having the wool pulled over their eyes with the council’s responses. Source: Seven Sharp

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