Meet the robot dog integral to reinstating Christ Church Cathedral

Spot is a good 'dog', doing good work. 

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Strapped to Spot's back is a $190,000 payload of lasers and cameras, storing crucial data from Christchurch Cathedral's earthquake damaged pulpit. Source: Seven Sharp

As a robot, he is going places people can't in the reinstatement of Christ Church Cathedral. 

Spot can be seen moving amidst the rubble, the lasers and cameras worth $190,000 strapped to its back storing crucial data, such as dimensions and damage, for the project team. 

Spot, the robot dog. Source: 1 NEWS

"The contrast of our heritage cathedral and this artificial intelligence mammal walking through there, it's quite uncanny," project director Keith Paterson told Seven Sharp.

"It basically gives us the opportunity to assess the damage in the meantime and the scope of work needed for reinstatement."

With it being another year before humans can get to work inside the cathedral, Spot's recordings are invaluable.