Meet the penny-farthing rider who may've cracked the secret to a long life

Keith Partridge is 93, and he can still ride a penny-farthing he’s built himself.

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Seven Sharp’s Rachel Parkin met up with Keith Partridge. Source: Seven Sharp

He can even lift his grandson off the floor with his legs while lying on his back.

Mr Partridge told TVNZ1’s Seven Sharp he’s never smoked or had alcohol. He also exercises everyday.

His family says he’s a great grandfather.

Mr Partridge reads one chapter of the Bible every morning and owns his own business - Partridge Pens - selling kauri pens. 

“If you tend to come and sit, you worry I think. Your mind, it dwells on things. When you get out there, you forget about that for a while,” Mr Partridge says. 

Has he cracked the secret to living a long and happy life?

Watch the full story in the video above.