Meet the Papamoa pensioner rebelling against the mortgage-free mindset

Could one of the secrets to a happy life be not worrying about paying the mortgage?

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At 76, Terry Ennis isn’t worried about paying off his $113,000 mortgage. Source: Seven Sharp

Papamoa pensioner Terry Ennis is 76 years old and has a mortgage with the bank that currently stands at $113,000.

He's not worried that he won't pay it off until he's 103 years old, although he doesn't see himself living that long.

"I'll be surprised if I get there, my health now is very good but I have had bowel cancer and a brain tumour in the past," Mr Ennis told Seven Sharp.

He has a plan for that eventuality, however.

"My will states that my children will dispose of the property, sell it off to pay off the mortgage and my funeral expenses, then share the rest between them."

Mr Ennis receives an accommodation allowance from Work and Income NZ to help pay the mortgage, saying before his wife's passing eight months ago they downsized twice to make the mortgage payments more affordable.

His situation may become more common in New Zealand as the gap between pay and housing continues to increase.