Meet the ordinary Kiwis who've quit their jobs to make money full time through property investment

A group of enterprising Kiwis think they've hit on the right formula when it comes to investing in the property market.

The group called My Properties reckon they've got the right formula. Source: Seven Sharp

My Properties is a group of about 30 property investors, who specialise in renovations, helping each other out to make the most of their investments.

"It's a community that's based on sharing rather than competition, we love helping each other out," My Properties founder Armin Morrison said.

Each member pays around $6000 a year for advice, contacts and weekly house hunting trips and tips.

The group is made up of Kiwis from all walks of life including vets, hairdressers, teachers and even an ex-bin company delivery owner.

Property investment allows them to be their own boss, take holidays when they want and feel like they're helping out the community at the same time.

"We're happy to put in hard work take properties that people can't do the renovation on because it's too big," Ms Morrison said.