Meet Nanny Deb, the Auckland woman turning trash into toys

To most of us our rubbish heads straight to the tip, but one Auckland woman has a bit of a different idea when it comes to making our planet better for future generations.

Deb Lawson, better known as Nanny Deb, has turned her talents to recycling rubbish into toys for kids at the daycare centre where she works.

"I'm a registered primary school teacher, but I don't know, I picked up some tools one day and started making these things," she told Seven Sharp.

"The bosses have allowed me an opportunity for my creativity to flow which I didn't know I had until just recently."

That creativity has led to others' trash being turned into lemonade stands, pirate ships, bandstands and much more.

Nanny Deb also has a tip for parents looking for that perfect gift.

"Rather than going to a shop to buy things, you can make things kids enjoy and you can make them with your kids as well which is really cool."

Check out her amazing creations, and get inspired, by watching the video above.

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Nanny Deb and her black panel van are doing their bit to make the planet better for future generations. Source: Seven Sharp