Meet the man bringing water to the masses during Auckland's big dry

While the south of the country gets a soaking, the north is parched.

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Mitch Boocock began by opening his home to those needing a shower, then he had a bigger idea. Source: Seven Sharp

People on tank water are running out, and there's a massive wait - sometimes four weeks - to get more.

Orewa, Auckland resident Mitch Boocock decided to help.

He threw open his home for people who needed a shower, or to fill up water bottles.

Then he had a bigger, better idea.

Mr Boocock began buying up all the 20-litre collapsible water containers he could get his hands on and filling them up from his own taps.

“I am taking them out to people who need them the most - people who have run out of water and their tanks are empty,” he told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

He had the idea after seeing people desperately reaching out for water on Facebook.

First Mr Boocock let strangers into his home to have showers and do their laundry before it “went crazy” with hundreds of people asking for help.

The diverse crowd he’s helped includes a mother whose breast milk was running dry because she was so dehydrated.

“Everybody I have visited has been in need,” Mr Boocock says.

His message to others on mains water is to offer any assistance they can to neighbours who may be on tank water and are in need.