Meet the Kiwis behind Glory League - technology that films your own B-ball feats

Glory League lets ballers, trash talkers and money callers relive the glory of every amateur and pick-up game they take the court for.

The video platform allows the everyday basketball player the ability to watch their own games and highlight reels.

"There's something special about watching yourself, we don't like to admit it but we all do like to have a little look at ourselves," Glory League Founder Louis Gordon-Latty says.

"Well you can be a bit of a Monday night battler but still feel like a bit of a star with some stats and some highlights."

Cameras fitted to over 60 basketball courts across the country record every game.

The footage, combined with stats recorded live on the bench, creating an NBA style highlight reel for every player.

"You're able to take your highlight and take so much time watching yourself and watching your friends and be able share that on social media on Facebook, with your family with your friends it's the ultimate product for someone who loves basketball."

The platform has over 25,000 users here in Aotearoa.

With plans already in place to take it to Australia and Asia with the ultimate goal of taking it to the states.

"There is the Philippines, there's China the world is our oyster in many ways and we think we've got a product that we can take to the world," Glory League CEO Grant McCabe says.

The technology will allow you to record your winning moves on the basketball court. Source: Seven Sharp