Meet the Kiwi t-shirt designer flying high after Sheldon wore his design on The Big Bang Theory

Sick of his day job at aged 33, Glenn Jones decided to start making t-shirts, now he is the undisputed King of Kiwiana

"T-shirts saved my life. It just gave me this whole new creative release which I really needed," says the graphic artist.

Now he has a claim to fame - he designed a melting Rubik's Cube t-shirt which was worn on the US television show, The Big Bang Theory, viewed by an audience of millions.

"We get an alert every time an order comes in, and literally, we sold thousands of t-shirts after Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) wore it for ten seconds in the opening credits."

American pop culture he says, isn't his style. Instead he wants to stick to retro Kiwiana.

"I grew up in the 70s. I grew up beside a diary where you take your bottles back and you get cents for it for a ten cent lolly mixture."

The last four years have proven successful for the Kiwiana business with him and his wife selling over 20,000 prints and now they have moved to tea towels, mugs and fridge magnets.

Glenn Jones' designs have gone global. Tim Wilson caught up with him. Source: Seven Sharp