Meet the friendly faces behind New Zealand’s booming funeral industry

The funeral industry is becoming a popular career choice in New Zealand and the industry is being showcased at the Funeral Trade Show.

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Seven Sharp’s Michael Holland went along to trade show all about dying. Source: Seven Sharp

For many in the funeral industry their career choice has become more than a job but a passion for life.

"There are all sorts of options for people now to have a meaningful farewell that works for them as opposed to just fitting into the old traditional image of what funerals are," says Gary Taylor, president of Funeral Director's Association.

For Brad Shaw from Gateway Funeral Services in Whakatane this shifted from a career choice straight out of high school to a business success.

"You're 16, you need to start thinking about what you want to do, I was looking through my career's book and funeral directing jumped out at me," he says.

After washing Hearses for three months, Mr Shaw bought his own business at 20-years-old and has now ran it for three years.

For Katherine Dunstall from Fourth Generation Funeral Director it was all about demystifying the trade.

"Ask me a question and I will tell you because there's no point hiding what we do or why we do it," she says.